Pretty new to gaming, Radu was introduced to RPGs and Tabletop miniature games through Chris during lunch time gaming sessions at work.


Radu plays the Lashunta Mystic


Mark had dabbled in gaming when he was younger, with games such as Carwars and Call of Cthulhu. His interest in gaming was rejuvenated by the lunch time sessions at work.



Luc was first introduced to gaming back in Jr High, and has played tons of games such as D&D and Warhammer 40k



Jo is a gaming veteran with roughly 30 years of gaming. Having played RPGs as a child and a long career in tabletop miniature games.



Dave has been gaming for years, but mostly in the computer/video game variety. 


Chris, started his interest in gaming back in 1992 with a small game named Warhammer 40k. He has since played what seems every RPG and miniature game under the sun.